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June 28, 2014: Determine Your Destiny Sale – Thanks to all who attended and purchased for making this an historical sale. We rewrote the record books!

  • Highest sale average in breed history: $9202 on 56 lots!
  • Highest selling individual at public auction: Arethusa HG Victoria-ET VG89 sold for $93,000! This Hired Gun from Response Vivid EX94 went on to be All-American Jr 2-yr old for her new owners, Arethusa Farm of Litchfield, CT.

May 2, 2014: Day at the Derby Sale – We enjoyed working with our co-managers Norm Nabholz and Jeff Butler on this very successful sale. Average $38,875 on 84 lots! 


9/12/13: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX 92 3y - 2nd Sr 3 yr old, Res Intermediate Champion and Honorable Mention Grand Champion at the Eastern National - Harrisburg!

9/11/13: All-American Jersey Show - Harrisburg - Heifers

  • 1st Winter Heifer Calf -South Mountain Tequila Sangria
  • 4th Fall Heifer Calf - Townside Tequila Dee Lila
  • 1st Spring Yearling - South Mountain Verb Sublime
  • 2nd Spring Yearling - Elliots HG Celebrate
  • 4th Spring Yearling - Arethusa HG Victoria - owned with Rodney Rankin and Dr. Matt Iager
  • 1st Winter Yearling - . Elliotts Tequila Seniorita
  • 2nd Winter Yearling - South Mountain Comerica Sassy
  • 1st Fall Yearling - . Elliotts Exciting Chalice
  • Junior Champion: South Mountain Tequila Sangria - 1st Winter Heifer Calf
  • Reserve Junior Champion: South Mountain Verb Sublime -1st Spring Yearling
  • Honorable Mention Junior Champion - Elliots Exciting Chalice - 1st Fall Yearling
  • Best Bred and Owned Junior Female: South Mountain Tequila Sangria - 1st Winter Heifer Calf

9/12/13: All-American Jersey Show - Harrisburg - Cows

Classification Results:

  • Garhaven Iatola Dusk VG88 Milking Yearling, fresh in June
  • Taylor Made Minister Farrah VG89 Junior 2-yr old, fresh in March
  • Tierneys Tequila Linda Lou VG89 Junior 2-yr old, fresh in April
  • Marynole Excite Rosey EX91 Senior 3-yr old, fresh in May
  • Woodmohr Indiana Rosebud EX93 5-yr old, fresh with her fourth calf in June

April 15, 2013: NY Spring Show results:

  • South Mountain Tequila Sangria (Tequila x Deluxe Santana EX92) - 1st Winter Calf, Best Bred & Owned
  • Chillis Premier Cinema (Premier x Connection Chilli x Circus EX97) - 2nd Spring Yearling
  • South Mountain Verb Sublime (Verb x Santana) - 3rd Spring Yearling, Best Bred & Owned
  • Arethusa HG Victoria (Hired Gun x Response Vivid EX93 x Veronica) - 6th Spring Yearling, owned by Ernest Kueffner & Matthew Iager, DVM
  • South Mountain Comerica Sassy (Comerica x Santana) - 1st Winter Yearling, HM Junior Champion & Best Bred & Owned Junior Female
  • Elliotts Tequila Seniorita (Tequila x Season EX94) - 2nd Winter Yearling
  • Elliotts Comerica Satin (Comerica x Season EX94) - 3rd Winter Yearling, owned by Billings Farm
  • South Mountain Comerica Lively (Comerica x Deluxe Lyric EX92) - 4th Winter Yearling
  • Elliotts Tequila Silver (Tequila x Season) - 7th Winter Yearling
  • South Mountain Socrates Lavish (Socrates x Lyric) - 1st Fall Yearling & Junior Champion, owned by Platinum Show Cattle
  • Garhaven Iatola Dusk (Iatola x Jade) - 2nd Fall Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion Elliotts Exciting Chalice (Excitation x Comet EX94) - 3rd Fall Yearling, Best Bred & Owned
  • South Mountain Tequila Jem (Tequila x Valiant Jemini EX93) - 4th Fall Yearling
  • South Mountain Verbatim Sequin (Verbatim x Santana) - 7th Fall Yearling
  • Taylor Made Minister Farrah (Minister x Justice x Whistler) - 1st Junior 2-yr old, Best Udder, Reserve Intermediate Champion
  • South Mountain Socrates Jerica VG88 (Socrates x Valiant Jemini) - 2nd Senior 2-yr old
  • South Mountain Jerseys - 1st place Best Three Junior Females (Lavish, Sassy, Jem)
  • South Mountain Jerseys - Premier Breeder Jersey Show!

March 13, 2013: The Holsteins & Jerseys owned by Ernie Kueffner and partners have all been scored recently.

Jan 25, 2013: All-Canadian Winners Announced:


June 2012

Thank you to all who attended and purchased Kueffner Kows! The sale resulted in a $17,685 avg on over 140 lots, six (6) lots sold for $100,000 or more. PDF Thank You Ad

  • $230,000 on Rainyridge Talent Barbara-RC EX 95 UnanimousA ll-American & All-Canadian 5-Year-Old 2010 purchased by River Valley Farm.
  • $170,000 Ernest-Anthony Astoria-ET (VG87 @ 2-4) Goldwyn X Ernest-Anthony Aphrodite-ET (2E EX95) X Ashlyn (EX96 2E)
  • $122,000 Dymentholm EK Shamrock Cherie 50K GTPI +2575 1/12 Shamrock X Ms Chassity Jeev Chrissy-ET X Chassity (EX92) X Cinderella (EX92) Buyer: Elite Dairy Genomics
  • $110,000 EK-STJ Goldwyn Bridget-ET *RC Goldwyn X Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC (EX-95) 2011 HM All-American Aged Cow. Arethusa, buyer
  • $110,000 Ernest-Anthony Accolade-ET (VG86 @ 2-5) Goldwyn X Ernest-Anthony Aphrodite (2E EX 95) X Ashlyn (EX96 2E)
  • $102,000 Ernest-Anthony Thriller-ET (EX-95) 2011 Eastern States Grand Champion X Ernest-Anthony Tyra-ET (EX-94 GMD DOM) X C Allenvale Inspiration Tina (2E-95
  • Online Catalog available

April 2012

2012 New York Spring Show Results:

  • Holstein -
    • Taffeta - 6th Fall Calf (Goldwyn X Thriller)
    • Thrilling - 7th Fall Calf (Goldwyn X Thriller)
    • Allure - 2nd Senior 2-yr old & HM Intermediate Champion (Alexander X Atara)
    • Accolade - 8th Senior 2-yr old (Goldwyn X Aphrodite)
  • Jerseys
    • Jem - 1st Fall Calf (Tequila X Valiant Jemini EX93 X Deluxe Justine EX93)
    • Romance - 1st Summer Yearling (Tequila X Vertigo X Deluxe Ronda EX94)
    • Stella - 2nd Spring Yearling (Deluxe X Valiant Stiletto X Premonition Sabrina EX93 X Ren Sofie EX)
    • Jerica - 1st Fall Yearling, Reserve Junior Champion & Best Bred & Owned Heifer of the show (Socrates X Valiant Jemini EX93 x Deluxe Justine EX93)
    • 1st Junior Best Three Females
    • Justify EX90 - 1st Senior 3-yr old, Best Udder & Best Bred & Owned Cow of the show (Ringmaster X EX Vindication X Deluxe Justine EX93)
    • Season EX94 - 1st Aged Cow, Best Udder, Senior Champion & Grand Champion (Vindication X Ren Sofie EX)


8/19/11: Arethusa Kueffner Klassic II averaged $4,443 on 112 Holsteins with high price of $25,000 and 13 Jerseys averaged $4,839 with a high price of $11,000. High seller for Holsteins was Lot 84: D-K-Silk Domain Stardom-ET, a 10/10 Domain x Misty-Springs Shottle Silk-ET EX-90 with +2095 GTPI (4/11), purchased by Todd Galton, NY and the 2nd High Selling Holstein was Lot 83 at $16,000: D-K-Silk Atwood Satin-ET, 9/10 Atwood maternal sister to Lot 84 with GTPI +2158 (4/11), purchased by Bruce Gingerich, Todd Freeman & Kevin Parks, IN. High selling Jersey was Lot 121 – $11,000 – Arethusa Action Varsity, 4/10 Action x 5E-97 Veronica, purchased by Greg Lambert, WI. Thank you to all who attended and bid.

A special thank you to all the buyers and supporters of the Visions of Veronica sale. It was a wonderful weekend of Jersey cattle and camaraderie that celebrated a true legend in the Jersey breed. As Ernie said during the sale opening, "It takes a village to develop a great cow". Several members of the 'village' shared their favorite Veronica memories and they were included in a special section of the catalog that you can now read online. We hope you enjoy their stories and get a true sense of Veronica. Click here to read the stories and view the catalog.